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Social media offers last kufiya factory lifeline

August 10, 2011 

Social media has given the last Palestinian factory to make the traditional kufiya scarf a second chance.
Hirbawi Textiles is located on a nondescript road on the outskirts of the Palestinian city Hebron.

To the outsider it looks like any other ageing factory. In the dank, strip-light lit interior there are rows of disused machines with cogs wrapped in cobwebs.

But three years ago the factory became the focus of the world’s media, when it became apparent it was the last in the Palestinian Territories to produce the kufiya, the traditional Arab headdress and favourite of former leader Yasser Arafat.

Support Hirbawi Textiles the last kufiya maker in Palestine. Visit their website here.

(Source: BBC) Read the Complete article on BBC