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David Rovics a long time supporter of Palestine, performs in Nablus

Play his song 'Jenin'

Time in Palestine

Emergency Rally for Gaza

December 28, 2008 

Updated 30.12.2008 @ 15:00.

Israeli air attacks on the Gaza Strip have killed more than 352 and wounded 1700 others.
Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in the devastated areas wandering the streets in search of medical attention which is sorely lacking from years of siege by Israel and
embargoes from the international community.

JusticeforPalestine are calling for people to support the citizens of Gaza who have been subjected to another massacre by the occupying Israeli Occupation Force (IOF).

Tuesday December 30th, 17:00 (5:00PM)

Victorian State Library

Cnr La Trobe and Swanston St
Melbourne City

Aftermath of Isaeli missile attack on gaza police station.
Aftermath of Israeli missile attack on Gaza police station.

Mortally wounded, this Palestinian policeman recites from the Qur’an in preparation for his end.