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Palestine UN Recognition On-line petition

November 4, 2012 

APAN (Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network) have established an online petition at .  The petition text is the short italicised paragraph at the start, with the rest an explanatory note for potential signatories.  Please sign yourself, and then circulate this link widely amongst your networks.  If you would like a paper based petition, click here to download printable version, with signatures to be received by 12th November. This petition referred to the government of the day and is now obsolete.

We would also encourage everyone to also write to the Foreign Minister directly about this.   Letters always carry much more weight than signatures on a petition, and do not need to be long or detailed.  Letters can be e-mailed to

APAN will seek to meet with Senator Carr in mid-November to present the petition and discuss the case for voting YES.  We will also be contacting politicians who have expressed support for Palestine to do whatever they can to support this.  If you have any relationships with politicians, we’d ask you to make contact with them and ask them to also act in support.