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Israeli administration moves to sidestep war crimes tribunals

January 26, 2009 

Bethlehem / PNN

Allegations of war crimes are being readied for international courts, including from a group of lawyers in Brussels and the United Nations that has just named five nominees to head its investigation committee.

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has been called for immediate arrest, as were the outgoing Prime Minister and Defense Minister.

Amnesty International?s field delegation said that the Israeli use of white phosphorus bombs in Gaza City alone constitutes a war crime.

From the first week of more than three of attacks the Israeli military and administration began to provide cover for itself.

Now with the end of the major attacks, the Israeli military is taking additional steps. The Israeli press reported this morning that they are working to ?protect the military officers who were involved in the recent war on Gaza for fear of litigation against them abroad.?

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