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Gaza crisis appeal raises $3M

January 31, 2009 

By Tom Morgan, Press Association
Friday, 30 January 2009

An emergency relief appeal for the crisis in Gaza raised $3M in its first week – despite anger over broadcasters’ refusal to show it.
Protests gathered pace against Sky and the BBC’s ban on screening the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) broadcast earlier this week.
But DEC said today that, thanks to funding since the appeal was launched, aid reached almost 800,000 people with vital supplies of blankets, food, water, sanitation and medical equipment in the conflict-stricken region.
Brendan Gormley, chief executive of the committee, said: “We are delighted that the public have responded in this way to the appeal.
“The money raised is enabling aid agencies on the ground to reach people in dire need of humanitarian assistance.”

The BBC and Sky refused to show the emergency appeal, arguing that to do so would compromise their impartiality.

However, DEC warned today the situation remained critical, claiming a million people were without access to a safe and adequate water supply.