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Free Gaza Activist calls from Israeli prison

July 3, 2009 

cynthia-macOn her second attempt to break the blockade on Gaza, Cynthia McKinney and 20 other humanitarians on the ship “Spirit of Humanity” were stopped in International waters Monday by the Israeli Navy. This is a pretty big deal. An aid ship captured by the armed forces of another country in International waters is an act of piracy?I think. At least it was when Soma li pirates captured an American ship recently.

It appears that the Mainstream media is going to ignore this story even though Cynthia McKinney was once a Congresswoman from Georgia and a Presidential candidate.

Cynthia makes a call to WBAIX radio station from her prison cell in Israel.


The Free Voice of WBAI-in-Exile


WBAIX is the home of those who were banned-and-fired by the new management at WBAI/Pacifica Radio after the April Fools Day coup that left the station and control of the network in the hands of Grace Aaron, a fundamentalist Scientologist from LA, and Steve Brown, a mail-order mogul from NY. We oppose the gag rule which was imposed by this group of interlopers. We call for an end to Occupied WBAI/Pacifica and the return of general manager Tony Riddle and program director Bernard White as well as all banned and fired programmers.

Interview with Cynthia late last year when another Free Gaza boat she was aboard was rammed by Israeli Gunboats.

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