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Book launch: Beyond Tribal Loyalties

May 28, 2012 

Israeli born UK based psychologist and writer, Avigail Abarbanel, has edited this unique collection of inspiring personal accounts from Jewish people from Australia, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom and United States who have all questioned the loyalty to Israel expected of them and the consequences they have suffered from their families and communities for doing so.  Since rescinding her Israeli citizenship in 2001, Avigail has worked for Palestinian rights.

Queensland based group Just Peace is sponsoring Avigail’s tour of Australia and she will be presenting at events around the country as well the book launch  in Melbourne at Readings Carlton on 12th June.

A workshop on the book, originally scheduled for the program of the Jewish festival of ideas, Limmud Oz, to be held in Melbourne over Queen’s Birthday weekend, has now been excluded by the conference organisers.

Details of Beyond Tribal Loyalties can be found at;

Review copies may be obtained by emailing

We will update further details as they are confirmed.  Please contact  Just Peace for more information and events.