Boycott Aparthied Israel


David Rovics a long time supporter of Palestine, performs in Nablus

Play his song 'Jenin'

Time in Palestine

30th December Melbourne Rally

December 31, 2008 
Yesterday witnessed what we can only hope was the beginning of a sustained and effective programme of
Human Rights actions against the barbarism of the “Democratic State of Israel”.

A subdued, saddened but resolute gathering of approximately 3000 persons representing many of the different
cultures living together in our city, met at the State Library. A significant and satisfying turn out considering
the short time available to call all together.

After listening to a number of eloquent and moving speeches, the gathering marched to Federation Square
to hear more speeches and to call for an end to the Gaza atrocities and Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The people present were peaceful but vigorous and passionate in their message. There were many families to be seen.
It is wonderful to see the next generation picking up the cause and carrying it forward.

The large crowd at the rally prepares to march down Swanston St.

We will continue to build our action.
In the mean time, check out