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25 protesters injured in Bil’in

April 24, 2009 

bilin_friday1On Friday Israeli soldiers violently attacked the nonviolent weekly protest against the Annexation Wall in Bil?in village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and injured 25 protesters.
13 soldiers were reportedly injured in clashes that took place after the army attacked the protestors.
Dozens of residents and peace activists marched towards the Wall and chanted slogans against the Wall and settlements, and in commemoration to Basim Abu Rahma, who was killed by the army during last week?s protest.

Israeli soldiers fired rubber-coated bullets and gas bombs at the protesters injuring 25 residents, including two local reporters identified as Fadi Al Arouri, working with Reuters, and Moheeb Al Barghouthi, who works with Al Hayat Al Jadeeda Newspaper. Shai Pollack, an Israeli peace activist was also wounded.
Local sources in Bil?in identified the wounded local protesters as Fadil Al Khateeb, Odah Abu Rahma, his brother Ahmad, Eyad Bornat, his brother Riyadh, Khalid Al Khateeb, Abdullah Abu Rahma, Mohammad Al Khateeb, Wael Fahmi, Taeq Al Khateeb, Abdullah Yassin, Tamer Al Khateeb, Nizar Abu Rahma, Mohammad Abu Rahma, Ibrahim Bornat, Adeeb Abu Rahma, and Ahmad Abu Rahma, the brother of Bassim Abu Rahma, who was killed by the army last week.

The protest started after concluding the Fourth Annual Conference on Nonviolent Resistance in Bil?in.

Among those who took part in the conference were delegations from South Africa, the Catalan government, and Luisa Morgantini, vice-president of the European Parliament, in addition to Palestinian officials like the appointed PM Salam Fayyad, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary-general of the Palestinian National Initiative, and member of the Legislative Council Khalida Jarrar.

The protesters installed a memorial for Basim Abu Rahma in spite of the army?s attacks against then.

?We managed to install the memorial? Morgantini stated, ?We will never forget you Basim, you were a friend to all of us, we must continue the nonviolent resistance and spread it all over the country?.