Palestine Film Festival

November 23, 2010  

MELBOURNE Palestinian Film Festival 2010

November 25-28 2010
Cinema Nova, Carlton

Cultural Media presents the 3rd Palestinian Film Festival. This year’s theme is Visit Palestine in Reel-Time, inviting film-goers on an unforgettable journey through the complexity yet undeniable beauty of Palestine.

Fund Raiser – Fri 19th November

November 15, 2010  


Australian Society for the PalestinianIraqi Refugees Emergency
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In 2009, 16 families stranded for years on the Syrian-Iraqi border were resettled in Australia thanks to the wonderful work of ASPIRE volunteers and Amnesty International Australia.
Eleven families are now living in Perth and five families are now living in Melbourne.

Please join in to Welcome the families.


November 8, 2010  

Report on play and the panel discussion that followed
By Sonja Karkar

The stars were definitely aligned yesterday evening when play, acting and panel discussion all came together in one powerful surge that marked yet another turning point for Palestine in the usual hostile climate we’ve all grown used to in Melbourne.  Not only did Hannah Norris step into the persona of Rachel Corrie conveying all her passion and idealism as though she was truly amongst us in Daniel Clarke’s dramatic yet sensitive production, but the panel discussion that followed took the audience to realms that no one thought possible. After the last tear was wiped away when the lights dimmed on 10-year-old Rachel’s rallying words to end poverty,  a panel discussion was in danger of being a cliched afterthought.  Not so.  It was without doubt the most riveting discussion seen in many years heightened by the unexpected participation of Julian Burnside QC who said he was there to provide “balance”.  No one knew what to expect.  Read more

November 7, 2010  

PLAY: “My Name is Rachel Corrie” 4-14 November, 2010

PANEL DISCUSSION: After Sunday 7 November performance at 5.00pm with Michael Shaik, Samah Sabawi, Jeffrey Loewenstein and Julian Burnside QC