Claims of “extortion” against Shin Bet

May 30, 2009  

checkpointGaza patients “forced” to help security services in exchange for Israeli medical treatment
Merav Sarig

A report issued this week by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel indicates that the Shin Bet security services conduct a policy of forcing patients to provide information as a condition of being allowed to leave the Gaza Strip for medical care.

According to the human rights organisation the number of Palestinian patients who are summoned for interrogation as a precondition to receiving an exit permit from Gaza for treatment has risen. Between January 2008 and March 2009 at least 438 patients were interrogated by the Shin Bet.

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UK Foreign Office boycotts builder

May 12, 2009  

settlementsThe UK Foreign Office will no longer rent from Lev Leviev. Now other states must also boycott this builder of illegal settlements

Abe Hayeem, Tuesday 28 April 2009 14.30 BST Article history The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office must be commended for its decision to cancel renting premises for the UK embassy in Tel Aviv from the company Africa-Israel, owned by Israeli businessman and settlement builder Lev Leviev. This is an encouraging step that should now be backed by stronger sanctions against the building of the separation wall and the building of illegal settlements by Israel. Furthermore, the governments of Norway and Dubai should emulate the example set by the UK and sever their relationships with Leviev’s companies.

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Play Causes a Storm

May 7, 2009  


Today, the promotion of the play ?Seven Jewish Children? had its first airing on Neil Mitchell?s hard-hitting ?Mornings? program on 3AW.

The radio ad was written by Australians for Palestine with the opening bars from Fairouz?s album ?Rajioun? about the Palestinian catastrophe al Nakba in the background. But, it is Miriam Margolis who brings the words to life with her full-bodied, passionate voice that promises the same for the play on Monday 18 May, 6.30pm at the State Library.

Listen to the radio ad.

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Settlers destroy Palestinian trees

May 5, 2009  

olive-treesRamallah ? Ma?an ? Dozens of Israeli settlers chopped town Palestinians? olive and fig trees in the village of Sinjil, north of the West Bank city of Ramallah on Monday.

Sinjil?s Mayor Imad Abdullah Masalmeh explained that the settlers cut the trees owned by the sick father of four disabled children, Shawqi Hussein Ghafari.

The settlers also cut down olive trees owned by Ali Hussein Fuqaha, Adib Ali Fuqaha, Hussein Farhan Dar Khalil, and the family of Muhammad Yousef Khalil.

The mayor explained that this village is frequently attacked by settlers, pointing that five settlements and outposts encircle the community.

He added that the municipality formed a committee to defend the land from settlers and the expansion of settlements. He said large swaths of the town are threatened with confiscation as a result of settlement expansion.

He appealed for the Palestinian Authority and rights-related organizations to support the farmers and put a stop to such practices.