A Harsh Reality for Palestinians

April 8, 2009  

ahmad-tibiAHMAD TIBI

The New York Times April 6, 2009

JERUSALEM ? The right-wing coalition of the new Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, does not bode well for Palestinians in Israel.

With the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as foreign minister, the extremists are going after the indigenous population and threatening us with loyalty tests and the possibility of ?transfer? into an area nominally controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

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An unhelpful discourse on Israel

April 5, 2009  

The following article was written by Israeli/American peace activist Jeff Halper for the Australian Jewish News but the paper refuses to run the piece, despite spending weeks attacking Halper and his supporters in its pages:

jeff2-smlThe uproar in the organized Jewish community over the prospect of my speaking in Australia is truly startling to an Israeli like me. Granted, I am very critical of Israel?s policies of Occupation and doubt whether a two-state solution is still possible given the extent of Israel?s settlements, but this hardly warrants the kind of demonization I received in the pages of The AJN. Opinions similar to mine are readily available in the mainstream Israeli media. Indeed, I myself write frequently for the Israeli press and appear regularly on Israeli TV and radio.

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Motorola Sells Bomb Fuse Unit in Israel

April 3, 2009  

motorolaNew York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel

Media Contact: info@boycottisraelnyc.org

Motorola has sold a controversial unit that produced bomb fuses and other equipment for the Israeli military, according to the Israeli financial newspaper Globes. The sale rids Motorola of some activities that had made it the target of a growing boycott in the US and worldwide. No explanation was offered in the media reports for the sale by Motorola Israel – a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola – of its unit called Government Electronics Department (GED) to the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd.

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Gaza war crimes investigation

April 2, 2009  

The evidence of war crimes in Gaza is a challenge to universal justice: will western-backed perpetrators ever stand trial?

Seumas Milne

vidEvidence of the scale of Israel’s war crimes in its January onslaught on Gaza is becoming unanswerable. Clancy Chassay’s three films investigating allegations against Israeli forces in the Gaza strip, released by the Guardian today, include important new accounts of the flagrant breaches of the laws of war that marked the three-week campaign ? now estimated to have left at least 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 13 Israelis dead.

The films provide compelling testimony of Israel’s use of Palestinian teenagers as human shields; the targeting of hospitals, clinics and medical workers, including with phosphorus bombs; and attacks on civilians, including women and children ? sometimes waving white flags ? from hunter-killer drones whose targeting systems are so powerful they can identify the colour of a person’s clothes.

Source: The Guardian

Justice for Palestine

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