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Airbnb profits from settlements

January 21, 2016 

Imagine a gorgeous home for your next getaway: a well-stocked kitchen, pool out the patio doors, nice linens, flowers on the bedside table. Sounds great, right?

Here’s the problem:airbnbgraphic(1)
That house: STOLEN
That land: STOLEN
The roads on that stolen land to take you to the stolen house: SEGREGATED
The borders and checkpoints and airports you took to get there: CLOSED to the very people whose homes they are.


Airbnb, the global tourism giant, is profiting off vacation rentals in Israeli settlements, built on stolen Palestinian land and illegal under international law.

Join JVP and allies — American Muslims for Palestine, CodePink, the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and the U.S. Palestinian Community Network — to demand that Airbnb stop listing stolen homes as tourist destinations. Read more

Free Mohammed Abu Sakha

January 12, 2016 

The Palestinian Circus School has issued a call for action for Mohammed Abu Sakha, a trainer/performer at the school.
abu_sakhaHe was issued an administrative detention order for imprisonment without charge or trial by the Israeli military courts. Follow all updates on Mohammed’s case at their site.

Last Monday, December 14, Israeli soldiers arrested a member of the circus family, Mohammad Faisal Abu Sakha, 23 years old, at Zaatara checkpoint, while on his way from his family home in Jenin to Ramallah to attend a music concert. Mohammad has been detained for a week now, and is being kept in military detention centers in the West Bank. Palestinians arrested under Israeli military law, are mostly exposed to serious physical and psychological violence, transfers and harsh interrogations, sometimes aiming to obtain false confessions.

Mohammad is part of the Palestinian Circus School since 2007, first as a student and since 2011 as a full time trainer and performer. Mohammad is very passionate about his work in general and about the social programs of the school in particular. He’s known with his magic ability to draw smiles on all people’s faces. Mohammed his entire life is dedicated to the circus.

He was arrested without any reason and no charge was made against him.

Read more

The Guardian view on the war of knives in Israel and the West Bank

October 30, 2015 

The violence may subside, but it will return unless a true peace is on the horizon

interfaith vigilOff-duty soldiers go jogging with submachine guns slung across their chests. Men and women who have never owned a firearm hesitate at the door of gun shops after the laws on weapon ownership were relaxed. People eat at home, and plan their trips to the supermarket or their bus journeys to avoid the places where the Palestinian stabbing attacks, which have surprised and frightened Israelis in recent weeks, seem most likely.

On the Arab side, parents worry that a loved son or daughter will decide to trade their own life for that of an Israeli, or that a family member will be caught in crossfire. The technical security people call these stabbings “inspiration attacks”. Rarely can a word have been more ill chosen, because it suggests something uplifting, and there is nothing uplifting…

Continue reading at The Guardian

Palestines women of the Intifadas

October 23, 2015 

Three generations of Palestinian women reflect on how female fighters have always been a part of the resistance.

women of the intifadasRaja Mustafa pulls out a tattered issue of Palestinian Revolution magazine. It is from 1993, the last year of the first Palestinian uprising, or Intifada.

Inside it is a black and white photograph of Raja taken almost 25 years ago. An Israeli soldier stands in the foreground. Raja is behind him, wearing a striped nightgown. In one hand, she clutches a broomstick. The other is raised high in the air, captured just as it is about to swoop down.

“You can’t see it in the photo, but there was already a soldier on the ground that I had hit,” says the 44-year-old, grinning.

“The soldiers were known for stealing things when they did home raids. One of them stole my gold on my nightstand and wouldn’t give them back. I’d had enough and just started hitting them to get my gold back and to get them out of my house.”

Continue reading at Aljazeera

Intifada or not, something powerful is going on

October 17, 2015 

Palestinians are coming together, regardless of age, gender and political affiliation, in a show of solidarity.

Palestinian ProtestersAs the student cafeteria at Birzeit University empties after the lunchtime rush, Ehab Iwidat leans back on his chair and sips from a bottle of mineral water. The wiry, 20-year-old business and French student is suffering from a cold, but that has not stopped him from attending some of the recent demonstrations in the West Bank.

“It’s the first time in a long time that we’ve seen this,” he says. “I’ve seen young people, old people, females, males, protesting in the streets together. You can see rich people alongside poor people too.”

Like many in the so-called Oslo generation of Palestinians, who have little or no memory of previous Intifadas in Palestine, Iwidat only knows life under occupation as a second-class citizen.  Read more at aljazeera

The Key to Peace

October 23, 2014 


By Jeff Halper.

In the complex situation in which Palestinians and Israelis currently find themselves, two things seems equally evident: First, a viable and truly sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel is an absolute prerequisite for a just and lasting peace; and second, Israel needs a Palestinian state. Without a Palestine state Israel faces what it considers as two unacceptable options. If it annexes the Occupied Territories and grants citizenship to their three million Palestinian inhabitants, it creates de facto a bi-national state of 5 million Jews and 4 million Palestinians (not counting the refugees), an option that would end the Zionist enterprise. If it continues its Occupation, it inevitably creates a system of outright apartheid, an untenable option in the long run. A Palestinian state thus appears to be indispensable for both Israel and the Palestinians. Read more

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